You will always pay more for "Free Shipping".

What about Free Shipping? We field this question a lot. We know that “Free Shipping” is all the rage on the internet these days. It’s also the biggest hustle. Here’s why: All “Free shipping” outlets build shipping and handling into their product list price and call it “Free”. By hiding these costs they can (and do) charge you the highest tier for shipping.

And worse, if you buy more than one product you have to pay these hidden costs for each item.

When purchasing from us you’ll pay just one aggregated shipping rate based on your order’s total weight, not per item purchased. We subsidize the shipping costs when you order multiple products from us. At “Free Shipping” outlets you’ll receive no shipping discount. In fact you’ll pay double.

We don’t like being swindled and we won’t do that to our customers. You’ll never pay more than actual shipping costs and you’ll never pay sales tax or handling fees. We offer live shipping calculators next to each product so you’ll know that the out-the-door-cost is the absolute lowest on the internet. Nobody beats our prices. Shop and compare first.